Familia Traversa - Uruguay


This company with its vast vineyards and wine processing plants is backed by the constant presence of the Traversa family.
Sixty years and three generations of hard work that support the quality of their wines.

Website: http://grupotraversa.com.uy/en/company

The Wines


Intense ruby red color, aromas of red fruits and raisins with mineral notes that make it a fresh wine with the tannic power that characterizes it. Nice astringency, it’s ideal to accompany roasted meats, especially fatty cuts, lamb in all its forms and casserole meals.

Tasting notes

Cabernet Sauvignon

Intense ruby color with violet tones. A fresh herbal aroma with hints of green pepper and spice notes make a seductive nose. Elegant structure, fleshy and complex flavor. Ideal to accompany semi-hard cheeses, red meats, game roast, and casserole meals.

Tasting notes

Cabernet Franc

A young Cab Franc with vibrant ruby red color and great aromatic capacity presents herbal and prune notes, as well as a subtle musk aroma being a fresh wine with a sweet entrance and delicate tannins. A wine that can accompany us while we prepare dinner and also pairing with pasta dishes, smoked and goat cheeses among others.

Tasting notes