Garibaldi - Brazil

Garibaldi Cellars, a boutique winery, was a dream in the making for more than 30 years when Albert and Patti Garibaldi moved to the Willamette Valley of the Oregon with their two sons. The lush, beautiful, landscape and the small vineyards that sporadically covered the hillsides reminded Albert of his father Giovanni’s love for farming and his passion for the intricacies of raising grapes for wine. He had a dream of working the land one day—getting his hands in the dirt and tending the vine stock like his father before him.

That dream became a reality and Garibaldi Cellars came to life in 2016 in Brazil. Al and Patti, with sons and daughters-in-law, Albert, Josef, Courtney and Breana, have come together to create wines that are not only a tribute to the patriarch of the family, Giovanni Garibaldi, but also to those who have created this family’s legacy and to those who will continue it in the future. The family motto, “Vita amoris et familia,” meaning “to life, love and family” drives the winery each day.

The Wines

Amaze Brut Chardonnay Sparkling Wine

APPEARANCE: Clear and attractive with refined and numerous bubbles, straw-yellow color with golden reflexes.

AROMA: Its delicate and potential aroma reminds of peach, ripe apple, with a subtle and refined hint of toasted bread. This aroma evolves due to the ageing of the sparkling wine.
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Amaze Brut Rosé Pinot Noir Sparkling Wine

APPEARANCE: Light cherry-red color with pink highlights, bright aspect and excellent perlage.

AROMA: Notes of strawberry and blackberry, with a citrus touch.
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