Nocton - Australia

Export Awards - 14 (2)

Anthony Woollams was trained in Burgundy in the early 90’s and protégé of the great Dr Pirie, as a winemaker and manager, Anthony has been involved in some of Tasmania’s most successful brands over the last 24 years, including Pipers Brook, Ninth Island and Pirie Tasmania.

Having relocated to the Coal River in 2015, he makes no excuses for his leanings towards traditional wine styles, being a firm believer in texture as an essential component of great wine.

Perhaps more importantly, he has introduced the concept of non vintage sparkling to the Nocton range, (which he says is more fun both to make and to drink than the more normal vintage offerings from the island state,) leading influential Tyson Stelzer to say “Nocton has fast established a coveted position among Tasmania’s sparkling cognoscenti.”


The Wines

Nocton Vineyard Estate Pinot Noir

The joy of pinot really comes out in this wine. Its fresh and bright and pretty with lashings of red fruits.

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Nocton Vineyard Estate Chardonnay

The chardonnays produced ripe flavours at relatively low alcohols. Bright green/gold in colour, stone fruit, rock melon and even some mango on the nose. But there is also wonderful lemon freshness and vibrancy in what is a very youthful wine.

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Nocton Vineyard NV Sparkling

Pale gold with quite vigorous but fine bubbles, which is just what the doctor ordered. The nose is bright with aromas of fresh-baked muffins and blackcurrant…almost like kir royale without the need to add cassis. The palate is dry and firm with lemon pith, mandarin and chestnut which the bright acidity and bubbles take out to a strong, even finish.

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