Turkey Flat - Australia


Welcome to the old Schulz family butchers shop, now the heart of Turkey Flat and the home of our cellar door. This wonderful old bluestone building is tucked away on the edge of Tanunda in the beautiful Barossa Valley, completely surrounded by our historic vineyards, dating back to 1847.

Join us here for an insight into the serious business of winemaking & the fun we have doing it.For a tasting while on tour in the region, a small bite over a shared bottle of wine in our gardens, or a private tasting experience – join us next to the winery – for as much, or as little as you like.

Website: www.turkeyflat.com.au/

The Wines

The Last Straw

Now into its eighth release, the 2013 Last Straw is our venerable and distinctive 100% Marsanne. This sweet wine is inspired by the fabulous vin de paille of France’s Rhône Valley.

In both France and Italy a traditional method of obtaining concentrated sugars and flavours is to lay harvested grapes on straw mats where they are left in the sun to dehydrate.Enjoy with: The freshness of this sweet wine loves fruit based desserts, think of the Australian icon – Peach Melba – for inspiration.

Alternately, it will serve equally well as an aperitif – saltiness is its perfect counter point -try Manchego with quince paste, green olives, fried whitebait or salt cod fritters.


With an idea of consuming an aromatised white over summer we began to explore our possibilities. Deliberately, we steered away from an extended skin contact, oxidative approach. After tasting through leading vermouths and aperitifs, we were taken by the lifted aromatics and layered interest of Lillet Blanc and Cocchi Americano.


The Barossa Valley has the perfect climate and ideal grape varieties to produce Rosé. It is a wine style that should be enjoyed fresh and chilled.
Having been amongst the first to lead the great Rosé revival, it has been interesting to watch the popularity of this wine style grow.Bucking the notion that Rosé is an afterthought, our ‘Prince of Pink’ has a special place in our hearts & is crafted with a clear purpose.
Sourced from specific sites achieving perfect yields promoting prominent primary fruit while retaining appealing palate cleansing crispness.