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George Galey, founder of American Estates Wines, started doing business in 1986, as a selector and broker in the Northeastern states, of single vineyard California wines; therefore our namesake. In 1987 (quite a milestone to still be here 30+ years later), he incorporated AEW, and extended his selections to Austral Asia: Australia and New Zealand.  He then reached across South America to Uruguay maintaining the single vineyard and small estate theme.

    • AEW is now the longest standing importer of New Zealand wines into the US.
    • Our wines are now available in some 36 states, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.
    • The Wine Advocate has listed AEW as one of the top specialty importers in the US.
  •  In New York and New Jersey, its home market, it direct distributes most of its imported wines, and sells a top selection of California and Oregon Estates.
  • In celebration of our 30th year, we re-branded our import company: Austral Estates Wines, to better emphasize our specialty in Southern Hemisphere selections.
  • Entering our 4th decade, we expanded our southern hemisphere offerings to include specialty spirits.